Pets Without Partners Mission Statement:

Our mission is to help homeless and abandoned pets find the wonderful and forever homes that they so richly deserve.


We are a Non Profit (501c3), who believes that every pet deserves a chance at happiness and a warm and loving family. 

We generally pull dogs from kill shelters when they've reached the end of their time. We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home. We rescue many different breeds, but Bloodhounds and litters of puppies are our specialties. Many times, we network with other rescues so that we can save even more animals from a cruel fate. Far too many animals are dying in our shelters and its our goal to reduce the number of adoptable pets that die needlessly. 

Once a dog comes into our rescue, it stays with us until the perfect family is found. It will not go to the first person who expresses an interest. It will go to the best home for that pet. We do believe that every pet has worth, therefore, there is an adoption fee attached to every pet.