Happy Tales

Pets Without Partners Saved over 1100 ANIMALS in 2014!! Up from 900 in 2013!! Lets save even more lives in 2015
A huge thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who donate their love and time in helping save the lives of these animals! Pets Without Partners could not exist without all of the support from local volunteers.
We rely on donations and fundraising to keep our doors open and to re home as many animals as possible. Visit our Facebook page for donations to our Amazon Wish-list and other donation opportunities. Our furry friends really appreciate it!

A huge thank you to Puppy Love on Churn Creek In Redding, Ca for the wonderful job they do grooming our most dirty of dogs.  They groom ALL of our orphans at NO CHARGE! We are so grateful to these people that take our dirty, scruffy dogs and turn them into wonderful, handsome pets.

We just wanted to write and tell you how much we love Annabelle! She fits right in to our busy household. It is like she had been here her whole life. She has never had an accident, doesn't jump or lick anyone. She is really the perfect dog for us. She LOVES the kids and everyone that sees her can't help but smile. She has one of those faces that everyone just loves. We are so lucky to have found her. She has found her forever home with us. Thank you so much!
The B family

I just wanted to let you know how things are going. "Roscoe" (named after one of our favorite restaurants in Southern California) is doing really well. My father in law is up to visit and help us with some home repairs and he has been blown away by how well behaved he is. He's already mostly housetrained and crate trained. He has a little suede blanket that we put on the couch that he sleeps on and he's good about staying there. He just sort of acts like he's always been here. I took him to the groomer this morning and they raved about how good he was. 

Thanks again for letting us come up and see him. We love him so much already! Even my persnickety little cat crawled up and slept next to him on the couch for awhile last night. Crazy!


Thank you again for allowing us to adopt such an amazing and sweet boy.  He is adjusting very well to his new home and is very attached to us already, which is great to see having had some many people in his life since landing in California.  He is having a lot of fun on the property, socializing well with his canine neighbors and not giving any other creatures the slightest bit of attention.  Since arriving home he has been eating well and sleeping through the night.  We keep asking ourselves how could anyone every want to give up such a wonderful companion; those original owners must not have been human.   I attached a few pictures for you and Wayne. 

You both are providing an amazing service and we look forward to supporting your efforts in the future.

Happy New Year!