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Pets Without Partners

Pets Without Partners mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs in need.


Pets Without Partners is a Non Profit (501c3) who believes that every dog deserves a chance at happiness with a loving family.

Many of our dogs come from overfilled shelters all over the state of California. We rescue many different breeds and also provide hospice for those near the end of their journey. Many times we network with other rescues so that we can save even more dogs from ending up in a shelter alone. Far too many dogs are dying in our shelters and its our goal to place as many of these dogs as possible into the home of a responsible and loving family.

When a dog comes into Pets Without Partners it receives vaccinations, microchip and a spay/neuter. The dog will stay with us until the perfect family is found and not adopted to the first person who expresses an interest. The dog will go to the best home based on the dogs needs and personality.

Pets Without Partners also sponsors local spay/neuters when possible to support the local community.